What The Water Gave Me | Ashley & Oliver 

It was surprising how at the end of one day Ashley felt like she would never be able to move a single of her limbs again and at others she was just bursting to do some more exercise. Today was definitely one in the latter category and she was glad that she had a date later with Oliver. She was excited to finally get back into water, wondering if she was still a decent swimmer since the last time she really touched a swimming pool was when she considering becoming a part of her high school swim team.

She decided to head directly towards the changing room after their final meal. Maybe she would be able to test the waters without possibly embarrassing herself with her rusty swimming skills. Everybody else still seemed to be busy eating or relaxing from the day. Once in the changing room she shook off her clothes and slipped into the dark swimsuit before cramming her clothes inside the locker. She put a towel over her shoulders to keep herself from freezing while on the way to the pool.

The room was completely empty when she entered and the silence was making her skin crawl. She had grown accustomed to the noisy variety of sounds when being in a large room. It was amazing how much noise just the not too large number of recruits could produce. Cautiously Ashley approached the water and sat down at the edge of the pool, her feet dangling in the refreshing water. She took a deep breath, threw the towel away from her – it landed in the far edge of the room to her surprise – and let herself sink into the water until she was completely under it and holding her breath.

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